David is a farrier with over 40 yrs experience, who has achieved associate status.

Cold shoeing is David’s preference and hoof trimming his interest.

Hoof trimming is charged at £18 per animal.
Four new standard shoes are fitted at £55.
And old shoes are refitted at a charge of £45.

David Shoeing a HorseTravel is extra: this is charged per mile and reflects the current cost of diesel…

…As a guide to the present charges; if 10 miles from Aslockton then a charge of £14 will be made.

With over forty years experience David has had a lifetime of reflection.

Farriery: the whole horse concept is David's story. 

David's BookA story, which has helped shape the thoughts of it's readers and given comfort to those animals touched by it's influence.

If you want to understand what farriery is and what it is not, this book is essential reading.