Aslockton Forge, home of GILL & SON traditional blacksmiths, where ironwork is not simply bent steel but passionately created works of art!

David Gill Shoeing a horse
After a ‘lifetime’ of shoeing horses and helping his Dad run a ‘village blacksmith’s shop’, David is returning to do what he loves best, working around the anvil.
The product range may be considered small but each piece is the result of many years experience. Consideration & reflection are key elements within David’s work ethos and so, with that in mind.... David is prepared to work with you, his patrons. 
Candle holders made at the forge
This shop is David’s but it is also your shop, contact David with any ideas and suggestions.
Constructive criticism is always a useful guide, so help shape this shop and encourage its development, so that it may take on a life of its own!
Thank you for reading and pop back whenever you can, the door is now open.

Don't forget, David is the real thing...he's even written about his work as a farrier!
 Aslockton Forge, Millfield, Mill Lane, Aslockton, Nottingham NG13 9AS 
Tel: 07745 796387 (Mob.)    01636 525047 (Home)